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Hood Franklin
Jul 23, 2013
Sacramento, California, 95832, US
Posted By: thatsfkid   Private Message »

Notes: Sturgeon
Groups:fishing spots
Tags:quiet, season

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b1ggkurtJul 23, 2013
I know that thats y im asking lol did u just say fuck it n go or were u allowed?

broncofanatic36May 24, 2013
It's illegal to fish in the location on this map. It's a wildlife preserve.

b1ggkurtMay 6, 2013
How did you get to the spot??

thatsfkidMar 18, 2013
Year ago!!

thatsfkidMar 18, 2013
Idk 66 I think

tristiangMar 18, 2013
How many inches is that? Looks oversize

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